There was a single gas station in cities across Poweshiek County selling diesel at the price of $4 per gallon in the week ending July 6, according to customer reports submitted to

Of the 18 reported gas stations in cities within Poweshiek County, just one offers diesel.

The average reported price of diesel in Iowa was $3.60, compared to $3.51 the week before.

Drivers across the U.S. have faced a rollercoaster of gas prices in recent months and years. Though the cost of a gallon of gas is dropping, experts suggest they may rise to $4 before the end of 2024.


Many analysts blame the COVID-19 pandemic for crushing oil demand and then oil production and Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Gas data refers to the price of gas when paid for by cash, not credit. Gas stations can charge drivers more for using credit cards due to surcharge fees. This is prohibited in 10 U.S. states.

While data is accurate as of press time, note that gas prices can fluctuate daily or even hourly.

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