With NIL collectives in college sports, chasing the bag is more common than ever before. After putting together a strong freshman season it was fair to wonder if star center Owen Freeman would bolt for greener pastures.

“I personally haven’t heard anything but some schools have reached out to my AAU coach.” Freeman revealed.

In the age where money and personal branding have never seemed more important, Freeman chooses to value loyalty.

“I know this is where god wants me so none of that really affected anything,” Freeman said. “The coaches were there for me in high school from the very beginning. They were loyal to me so I’m going to be loyal to them for sure.”


Now the Big Ten’s freshman of the year is back and continuing to grow.

“Towards the end of the year I finished at 222 pounds, and I’m weighing in at 240-242 now,” Freeman said. “Just feeling that on the court. Feeling bigger, wider and heavier.”

The 6’10 Forward is also putting in work on his jump shot.

“I had a little bit of a corkscrew during the spring and I’ve worked with some coaches and they’ve helped me straighten it out and get it where it needs to be and just getting more confident in it.”

“I’ve been working with him on his jump shot,” Payton Sandfort said. “I’ve been challenging him, trying to get him better and take him under my wing.

Being the best freshman is now in the past, Freeman has bigger goals in mind.

“Having the mindset of I’m here for a reason. I need to dominate, I’m one of the best bigs in the country.”

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