Patty Shukla Kids TV is Winning the Hearts of Parents, Teachers, & Kids With its Catchy Children’s Songs
Patty Shukla Kids TV is Winning the Hearts of Parents, Teachers, & Kids With its Catchy Children’s Songs

Created by Patty Shukla, the Children’s Songs YouTube channel, Patty Shukla Kids TV (@pattyshukla) has emerged as a trusted source for fostering inclusivity and engagement for children aged 0-8. Her channel boasts extensive educational content covering a wide array of learning domains and skills focused on children. Patty Shukla’s personally crafted educational melodies on YouTube are loved by Parents, Teachers, and Children alike. Backed with catchy songs and engaging themes, Patty aims to make learning a joyous experience for all children. 


The transformative potential of music in education is well-established. Research indicates that exposure to music can improve learning and create a positive classroom atmosphere. Each of Patty’s 400+ music videos and songs on her YouTube channel are carefully designed to cater to the diverse needs of young learners. The topics featured in these videos include Language development, Numeracy, Motor Skills, Social Awareness, and much more. 

Her talent to seamlessly integrate these essential concepts into exciting and engaging music videos, filled with interactive activities like dancing, movement, sign language, and learning through play, transforms the learning experience, making it more immersive and enjoyable.


Patty shares, “What sets my music apart is that I personally create each song, tailoring them for the fantastic journey of early childhood education and covering all the essential learning areas for kids aged zero to eight! And the best part? We’re not just learning; we’re having a blast with classic games like hot potato, musical chairs, the twist, and grooving to the alphabet song – because learning is an adventure.”

Patty’s musical journey for children started in 2009 when she helped her son develop his speaking ability with educational songs, enhancing his cognitive and learning skills. Since then, she has dedicated herself to creating and publishing educational content on platforms including YouTube, The Roku Channel, Amazon, Spotify, DirecTV, and her user-friendly website,

In addition to this, Patty’s also offers other educational resources, including books on Kindle Amazon, CDs & DVDs on Amazon, and her official iOS app. She has served as an author, songwriter, and keynote speaker at early childhood conferences, leveraging her extensive teaching background to create valuable and engaging songs for children of all ages.

Extending her support to differently-abled children with special needs, Patty holds regular engagements and live performances for thousands of children across the States. Her dedicated Spanish Album caters to a broader audience worldwide; with this album, she aims to make her work universally appealing.

Patty is also working on releasing a children’s television series titled “Music Time with Miss Patty,” showcasing her most popular YouTube songs. This series aims to impart education to children through the dynamic combination of music and movement.


Her commitment to providing high-quality educational content has earned her a reliable reputation in early childhood learning and development. Patty’s music has been renowned for captivating children, making it a powerful tool for educators, parents, and caregivers. Patty Shukla has already performed in all 50 states of the United States, performing at art centers, festivals, libraries, and museums. She continues to tour every summer. She will be touring in Florida, Iowa, Illinois, and Key West this summer.

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About Patty Shukla: 

Patty Shukla is a renowned musician, performer, author, and composer dedicated to transforming early childhood education through engaging and educational music on YouTube. Along with over 3 million subscribers on her main channel YouTube@pattyshukla, she also has a second YouTube channel, YouTube@pattysmommyandme, which has over 650K subscribers. Combining both channels, she has over 700 videos. 


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