Diversity, equity, and inclusion (usually abbreviated DEI) is the educational proponent used to proselyte new converts into the Gender Identity movement. It provides the organizational frameworks which seek to promote the fair treatment and full participation of all people in society, particularly groups who have historically been underrepresented or subject to discrimination on the basis of disability or identity. In legislative discussions it is commonly referred to as identity politics. Diversity refers to the presence of variety within organizations or groups as it tends to group identities by gender, ethnicity, or disability. Equity refers to fairness and social justice, usually with good intentions of righting wrongs of the past by allocating resources and decision-making authority to groups of people that have been disadvantaged, i.e., reparations for slavery or transgender rights. Inclusion is creating an environment where all feel their voices will be heard and have a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves. DEI made its debut as an executive order of affirmative

action signed in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy. It became part of the civil rights movement and was recognized in the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

DEI is esoteric in nature but has an exterior cover for public consumption. It has the ability to tap into human nature, harness it, but keep its real agenda hidden in plain sight. This allows the idea of diversity, equity and inclusivity programs to take on a life form of its own. It is the story within the story that must be discerned. Diversity doesn’t mean all stripes and colors are accepted. It actually means ideological conformity to one goal. Equity does not mean all persons are equally accepted. It actually promotes discrimination against those opposing the program. Inclusion doesn’t mean one big happy family. It actually means blurring the two biological sexes and finding a gender identity or pronoun that suits personal preference other than accepting biological sex at birth.

DEI grew out of its original intent and became something more controlling. It began sweeping the nation in the 1960s like the bubonic plague infecting the mind of young adults, who then grew up and began infiltrating federal, state and local governments. It has taken over social media for propaganda purposes and education systems promoting programs like Collaborative and Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) and Critical Race Theory (CRT). These programs target the innocent young, patriotism, rugged individualism, capitalism and a biblical worldview to alter perception. In place of creationism and nationalism is a replacement theology of atheism and globalism. From its innocent and perhaps worthy original intent and purpose, it matured into organizations like #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo – groups that do not believe that laws apply to them because of slavery and racism or sexism. The effort involved what was once rejected by society to accept something “instead of” as an alternative in its place.

Besides being assigned only biologically male or female at birth, gender has evolved into 81 additional identities that are abstract in thought, imaginary, but physically nonexistent. Changing a person’s gender is impossible. Being male or female is embedded in the human body down to the DNA level. A normal person refusing to acknowledge the imaginary thoughts of another’s perception of themself is now considered discrimination and hateful. Imaginary persecution is alleged now to prosecute those that disagree since making Gender Identity a protected class with protected rights.

Schools and colleges are used as incubators to produce a gender identity using DEI. It all sounds good on the surface, but it creates classes, the oppressed transgender and the oppressor deniers. Class creation and division is the hallmark of Marxism.  Most people cannot see the seriousness and damage it causes because of its harmless looking packaging even though it nefariously targets the young. It is a sinister ploy to deliberately destroy the normal minds of the next generation. Who will the incumbent generation pass the baton of life on to if the next generation is destroyed? Our state and nation is dead. We will become just as extinct as an ancient civilization if we permit this insanity to continue. Our posterity needs to be rescued from this evil, but first it is necessary to identify what that evil is and why it must be stopped.

Children who try to change their biological sex through the process of transitioning, including psychotherapy, lifelong hormonal treatments, and extensive non-genital and genital surgeries are attempting the impossible. That is just the mental anguish side with failing to accept who one is. The physical side effects are not good: sterility, infertility, cancer, cardiovascular disease, strokes, blood clots, pituitary apoplexy, pseudotumor cerebri, and diminished bone density are among all the irreversible permanent physical injuries. The problems associated with Gender Identity spawned by DEI indoctrination are endless, cruel and barbaric.


The Woke DIE counterculture will be the death of this state and the death of America. Perhaps it is time to put this monster to sleep. For whatever good it served, that time has come and gone. DEI has outlived its usefulness and needs exposed for the societal problems it causes, either unintentional or intentional.

While in principle DEI started out good, but it has lost all reason with the flawed human behavior it exhibits. It has become a rabid dog in which the time has come to put it down. This is not to say that the people that ate the poison pill do not have the same equal rights as I, but it is to say they do not have extended rights because they are people that think differently. Identity or class politics is anti-Constitutional and potentially violates the Iowa Constitution in Article I, Section VI. We are guaranteed equal protections, privileges and  rights. I cannot help it that DEI proponents are largely atheist and fear losing special class protections. That’s not my problem. I owe them nothing. Their happiness is not dependent on my suffering for rejecting the Gender Identity lie. They have an equal opportunity to repent and avert personal judgment, the same opportunity as offered to all. Should they reject that offer, we still cannot let this evil lie progress any further and give it a free pass. Any current law enabling DEI and the insanity of Gender Identity should be repealed to save and protect innocent children.

There is only one goal and that is to protect innocent children from an absurd ideology called Gender Identity. Taking steps to make better public policy for the benefit of children does not take away anyone’s identity or violate constitutional rights. Fear of losing one’s gender identity, or just fear in of itself, is part of an inferiority complex that naturally occurs with this emotionally unstable and flawed behavior. Why are so many people committed to protecting something that clearly causes harm to innocent children? Gender Identity is not a gift to children. It’s not even a gift to society. It creates mountains of adolescent behavioral problems that destroys the quality of life. We can’t fix those already infected by this societal disease, so why produce more of the same? Gender Identity is not in need of protection. It is innocent children who need protection from the Gender Identity monster. If the lie brought joy and happiness or had any intrinsic value at all, there would be a decline in social problems with its implementation. The benefits would be overwhelmingly recognizable. But since a Gender Identity class has been imagined from thin air and  recognized and allowed civil rights protections, our state has been systematically divided and decimated.

We want to reduce cases of gender dysphoria, child suicides, dysfunctional homes, and a myriad of mental illnesses and other abhorrent societal behaviors exacerbated by Gender Identity and DEI instruction. Those resisting logical legislation to those ends prefer sacrificing and confusing children over keeping them physically, mentally and emotionally safe from this mental disorder. The profits made from harming children is indefensible. The gift to children not yet infected with gender ideology is to prevent them from contracting the man-made emotional disease in the first place. Keeping DEI “training” in schools will not protect children. We have no choice for Iowa’s future but to remove DEI educational agendas from libraries and schools and Gender Identity in the civil rights code to protect the next generation of innocent Iowa children. It’s now or never to have this discussion and expose the lie behind diversity, equity and inclusion. It’s time to have Rep. Jeff Shipley’s discussion about Gender Identity in HF2082.

Rick Phillips

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