Snowy start to January turns into dry stretch, drought conditions improve though

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (Iowa Media Wire) — The latest drought monitor update from the USDA (US Department of Agriculture), NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), CPC (Climate Prediction Center), and the NDMC (National Drought Mitigation Center) is in.

Snowy start to January turns into dry stretch, drought conditions improve though 1

It’s been a drier past week or so after a snowy and wintry start to the month of January.

However, in past weeks, there’s been considerable improvement in drought conditions throughout Siouxland.


In NW Iowa, conditions range from severe drought through far SE portions of the area, moderate drought from Sioux City south through near Denison and into Harrison County. Abnormally dry conditions persist through portions of NW Iowa and into northern portions of SE South Dakota.


Eastern portions of NE Nebraska, extending from just east of Wayne and Norfolk are categorized in moderate drought with the latest Drought Monitor update, while a small portion just west of that area, including much of Wayne County and a sliver of Madison County, including Norfolk is categorized as abnormally dry.

At a statewide level. the latest update indicates 96.33% of Iowa is at least abnormally dry, an increase of 0.02% from the last update. Moderate drought coverage increased by 0.03% to 80.08%, while both severe and extreme drought coverage decreased.


In Nebraska, 38.72% of the state is at minimum, abnormally dry, a decrease in coverage of 0.04%. All categories of drought decreased in coverage

In South Dakota, 28.62% of the state is at least abnormally dry, an increase of 0.73% in coverage.

Looking at the entire Missouri River Basin, drought coverage increased by 3.95% with abnormally dry conditions expanding while all other drought categories decreased in coverage.

Finally, nationally, 49.83% of the United States is at minimum, abnormally dry, seeing a decrease in coverage by 1.25% from the previous update. All other categories of drought also decreased in coverage.

Not looking to see any substantial precipitation chances between updates so likely not seeing much if any improvement to drought conditions with the next update next Thursday. Could potentially see some degradation of conditions though.

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