Iowans react to proposed law that mandates students sing National Anthem

DAVENPORT, Iowa (WHBF) — Democrat Rep. Sue Cahill went viral this week for singing the National Anthem at the Iowa State Capitol. It’s where a brewing debate is underway–

Should students in first through 12th grade in Iowa’s schools be required to sing the National Anthem?

Iowans react to proposed law that mandates students sing National Anthem 1

“I would support the bill if we are including some items for the curriculum. Take out the singing,” said Cahill. “I didn’t even know there were four verses. We just have bigger fish to fry.”  


Republican Rep. Henry Stone agrees.

“I believe in this bill,” said Stone. “I believe that it is something that we can put back into our schools that has added value. Having teachers have the ability to incorporate this into their social studies program, to me it’s kind of a no-brainer.”


North Scott Schools Superintendent Joe Stutting is watching this bill closely. If it passes, he’s concerned how it would impact students’ First Amendment rights. 

“Just like the Pledge of Allegiance, my assumption is we don’t force students to sing the Pledge of Allegiance and stand and I can’t imagine we would do the same for the National Anthem,” said Stutting. “I think they would have a hard time writing that into law and not violating free speech or something like that.”

“Patriotism is perfect in a place like the Iowa Capitol. it’s not perfect for the school classroom,” said Cahill. “That was really my point.”

“I want to hear all sides and I really do enjoy the dialogue and where people stand on this issue. “At the end of the day, I 100-percent back this bill,” said Stone.

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