Federal taxes now open for e-file
Federal taxes now open for e-file

DES MOINES — Iowans who are anxious to get their federal tax returns done in hopes of securing a refund can submit the forms yet today, if they want.

IRS spokesman Christopher Miller says the agency won’t formally start accepting returns until next week, but you can get your electronic filing done right now.

Miller says, “In that case, your tax return will simply be held until it can be submitted to the IRS at the end of the month.”

E-filing is typically more accurate than using the paper forms, he says, as there are built-in aids that help with the math, and it should mean a more swift refund. Plus, for Iowans with an adjusted gross income of $79,000 or less, they can e-file using IRS Free File.


Miller says people who are e-filing can get at it this weekend. “Those returns filed early will also be held until the IRS begins processing tax returns at the end of January,” he says. Miller says there’s no rush to start filing.

“A lot of people like to file their tax return early,” he says, “but the more important thing to remember is to file your taxes when you have all the paperwork together and can file a complete and accurate tax return.”

The filing season opens Monday, January 29th. For most filers, the deadline for 2023 federal tax returns is Monday, April 15th.

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