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Kim Brooks
Express Editor

     The reconstruction of N. Chestnut Street in Monticello has been a long time coming.

   One of the few remaining brick streets left, it’s in need of some repairs.

   The proposed project is Chestnut Street between Second and Third streets. The scope of the project includes:

   • Replacement of pavement

   • Replacement of curb and gutter

   • Replacement of sidewalk, crosswalks, and ADA accessibility improvements


   • Replacement of courtesy walks

   • Replacement of driveway entrances

   • New water main and fire hydrant installation

   • New water service and curb stop installation

   • Installation of subdrain along N. Chestnut from First to Third streets


   • Addition of decorative lighting

   The total estimate of the base bid is $574,394.31 via City Engineer Snyder & Associates. Bid alternate one, which is salvaging the brick pavers and installing them on top of the new pavement, comes to an additional $73,381.60. Bid alternate two, the decorative lighting, is an additional $135,000.

   “The primary option is to put concrete back, an all-concrete street,” explained City Engineer Patrick Schwickerath during the Jan. 16 Monticello City Council meeting. “The first alternate would be to, between the intersection of Second and Third, have concrete curb and gutter, and a portion of the salvaged pavers would be put back down over a compacted sub-base. So it’d be similar construction to an HMA paving where the asphalt is the wearing surface and then the rock beneath is really what supports the vehicles.”

   There are 12 property owners associated with this street reconstruction project. In the past, as with all projects of this magnitude, the city levied special assessments on those property owners. Those assessments would include curb and gutter, sidewalks, and driveways.

   The council approved the Preliminary Resolution of Necessity to provide for the special assessments.

   “They (assessments) were done on N. Sycamore, South Street, Second Street, the two Cedar Street projects. Those are the ones that I’ve been involved with,” recalled Schwickerath. “The preliminary assessment sets the maximum rate that the council can assess at, that can be assessed for the project. So property owners would then know what their maximum bill could be. Then it’s ultimately up to the council after the project is bid and constructed to decide what the assessment rate would be or if an assessment is put in place.”

   The council also approved a resolution to schedule a public hearing on the project for Monday, Feb. 5, at 6 p.m.

   The proposed bid letting is scheduled for March 27, with awarding the contractor on April 1.

   On Jan. 18, city officials and Snyder & Associates met with property owners to review the assessments and talk about the scope of the project.

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