MILFORD, Iowa (Iowa Media Wire) — Milford community holds first annual Vintage Snowmobile Show and Shine

“We are hosting a vintage show and shine, so basically we invited people with vintage snowmobiles to come on out show them off. Typically we do a snowmobile ride, and with the lack of snow we just decided to do a show and shine,” said Jantina Carney, with the Dickenson County Snowhawks.

“Well a lot of these machines are original and they don’t ride very well, they’re not very comfortable. They’re just gonna see some nice old, kinda like old classic cars, you know these are just old classic snowmobiles. I mean they buy them, they fix em up, they clean em up, and they just like to show em off,” said Carney.


“Oh there’s probably 25 snowmobiles out there. Last year, like I said, we had over a hundred, but that was a ride and so some people just don’t want to bring em just to show off,” said Carney.

“I originally bought the sled in 1973 or 1974, and I drove it home. It was running and it’s still running today,” said Leo Voss, a vintage snowmobile owner from Minnesota.

“I just brought it out here, my daughter wanted to bring it out here, because it’s close to home and let people see it. You hear all kinds of ideas and opinions how it works, how it runs, there are thoughts of how it did run,” said Voss.

“It’s basically a fundraiser for our snowmobile club, so we ask people for free will donations and we give back in scholarships and things like that to local kids that have snowmobiles and just a part of our snowmobile club,” said Carney.

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